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Separation Anxiety In Teens: Symptoms & Solutions

Separation anxiety typically occurs in children, but it can also appear in teens from time to time. Teens may feel afraid when separated from parents, guardians or people they trust. They may also feel as if something bad will happen to their loved ones when they are away. Separation anxiety in teens could signal other […]

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Easing Separation Anxiety In Children

Many children experience separation anxiety, especially those age three and younger. This is common and usually goes away. Older children who have problems when they are separated from their parents or care takers could have a more severe form of separation anxiety. Treatment can usually be done at home, but professional treatment may be required […]

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ANSWERED: Is Anxiety Hereditary?

Some individuals may be more prone to anxiety disorders due to their genetics but anxiety is not always hereditary. However studies have shown those with certain genes have a higher risk of anxiety. Genes are not a definitive indicator of anxiety, but they do indicate the potential for an anxiety disorder. Gene Variation… A study performed […]

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ANSWERED: Is Anxiety Curable?

Anxiety disorders can be treated though there are no cures to eliminate anxiety completely. Medications and therapy can however be used to manage, reduce and help prevent symptoms from occurring. Furthermore many who complete a prescribed treatment are able to function normally with only occasional symptoms. Dealing With Anxiety… Approximately 40 million adults in American have […]

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Do I Have Social Anxiety? (How To Tell)

Social anxiety disorder is a common anxiety issue. Individuals suffering from this problem fear social situations. Many are unable to function normally in everyday social settings such as school or work due to their fear. Others are able to manage their fear but may still avoid some social activities to reduce their anxiety. Social Anxiety Explained… Individuals with […]

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The Revealing Facts About Anxiety…

Despite anxiety being a very real illness and is often left untreated in many. Understanding the facts about anxiety is vital to learning how to effectively live with and manage anage.. The earlier an individual seeks treatment, the more successful treatment is. Anxiety disorders affect millions of adults and children every year. The good news however […]

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